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Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the Himalayas on top of the Jhandi Dhar hills. It is about 33 km north of the Almora town in Uttarakhand, India.

From a place called Zero Point in Binsar one can see the Himalayan peaks like Kedarnath Peak, Shivling, Trisul and Nanda Devi.

Binsar was the summer capital of the Chand Kings, who ruled over Kumaon from the 11th to 18th centuries AD. Binsar was established in 1988 for the conservation and protection of the shrinking broad leaf oak (Quercus) forests of the Central Himalayan region, and it has over 200 bird species.

The sanctuary is spread over 45.59 km2 and situated at an altitude varying from 900 to 2500 metres with an average height of 2412 metres. It is located 35 km from Almora in the state of Uttarakhand.

Flora and Fauna

Binsar has a museum about the flora and fauna of the region. Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary is known for its wide variety of flora ranging from 25 types of trees and 24 types of bushes to seven varieties of grasses. The higher altitudes of sanctuary are covered with oak and rhododendron trees. March and April are the months when flowers, especially ruby red rhododendron, are in full bloom.

The mammals include leopard Himalayan, goral, chital musk deer etc.

Entry Fees:

An entry tickets of Rs. 40/- per person and Rs. 50/- for a car has to be paid at the entry point.

Sight Seeing

Binsar Hill

Locally known as Jhandi Dhar, it offers panoramic view of the Kumaon Hills and the Greater Himalayas, from an altitude of 2,420 m. In the night, the lights of the Almora town present a fascinating picture.

Khali Estate

The erstwhile royal palace. Once occupied by Sir Henry Ramsay and later on by Smt. Vijaylakshmi Pandit, it now houses a heritage hotel.

Gananath Temple

Gananath is known for natural caves and an ancient Shiva temple. This place is 36 km from Almora. During Kartik Purnima every year a fair is hosted here.

Binsar Mahadev

There are two Binsar in Almora. The Binsar Mahadev is located in a jungle around 20 km from Ranikhet and nearly 70 km from Almora. It is known for the temple of Lord Shiva. Every June Yagya is organized in which thousand of devotees visit there.

The Bineshwar Mahadev temple is a holy destination for Hindus. Binsar was named after the temple, which is dedicated to the god Shiva.

Kasar Devi Temple

Kasar Devi temple is located around 9 km from Binsar. It housed Dutch monks from 1970 to early 1980s. It gained recognition in 1920 when Swami Vivekananda meditated there.

How to Reach:

By Air: The nearest Airport is Pant Nagar (127 km)

By Rail: The nearest railhead is Kathgodam (120 km).

By Road: Distance from the nearest major town Almora is 30 km, Nainital is 96 km away. From Delhi it is 410 km.

Best Time to Visit:

The weather in Binsar is very pleasant throughout the year, and the region experiences a sub tropical climate. The main seasons are those of summer, winter and monsoon. Summers are mild and moderate, and winters in Binsar are very cold. The region of Binsar is best visited during the summer months and also during early winter.

Summers in the region of Binsar extend through the months of April, May and June. These months will experience a maximum temperature of around thirty degrees (30°C) and a minimum temperature oaf around fifteen degrees (15°C). The temperatures in Binsar are thus lesser than the temperatures that other cities and towns in the mainland experience, thus making it a very popular tourist destination.

Winters in the region of Binsar are very cold, and the maximum temperature during the winter months will range around twenty four degrees (24°C). The minimum temperature during the winter months will range around zero degrees (0°C). October, November, December, January and February are the winter months in Binsar. You can visit Binsar during the early winter months.

Monsoon in the region of Binsar brings moderate rainfall, and this makes the weather here even more pleasant. July, August and September are the monsoon months in Binsar.

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